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    Health is …
    Indicated by
    • the hearts on the left side of your status bar (not by the “hunger bar” on the right side – see Stamina below)
    • /health or /hp to show your current health level
    Consumed by
    • damage you sustain during PvP or PvE or by environmental damage (falls, drowning)
    Regenerated by
    • consuming certain foods which provide a Health Regeneration buff that is percent-based, i.e. based on your current HP pool
    Food Regen ValuesDurationAmount Healed
    Cake, Cookie, Melon Slice, Raw Potato3 sec
    Raw - Fish, Pork, Chicken, Beef6 sec
    Apple, Carrot, Golden Apple9 sec
    Bread, Cooked Fish12 sec
    Baked Potato, Cooked Chicken, Grilled Pork, Mushroom Soup, Golden Carrot15 sec
    Cooked Beef, Pumpkin Pie18 sec

    Varied by
    • levelling – from an initial base level, your HP pool increases as your level increases (see classes pages for data)
    And more
    • Food will NOT be consumed or heal you while you are combat tagged.
    • Food regeneration will STOP prematurely if you are combat tagged or damaged whilst regenerating, although if you are damaged but not combat tagged, you can eat again without having to wait.
    • At any time, your health level will be whichever is the higher of your combat or crafter classes.
    Mana is …
    • a magical resource consumed when certain skills are cast
    Indicated by
    • /mana or /mp to show your current mana level
    • /hero verbose mana to toggle mana regeneration reports on and off
    Consumed by
    • using certain skills and by death! (you are reborn with 50% mana)
    Regenerated by
    • certain healing skills
    • natural healing, which returns a number of MP per 5 second tick (see classes pages for data)
    • consuming an emerald
    Varied by
    • levelling – for some classes, your MP pool increases as your level increases (see classes pages for data)
    Stamina is …
    • the resource drawn down by melee-type skills and left clicking.
    • set to 1000 for all combat classes and does not increase per level
    Indicated by
    • your “food bar” (on the right side of your status bar)
    • /stamina to show current your current stamina level
    • /hero verbose stamina to toggle stamina regeneration reports on and off
    Consumed by
    • using certain skills, left clicking, taking player or mob damage, and by death! (you are reborn with 50% stamina)
    Regenerated by
    • point value dependent on class (see classes pages for data)
    • consuming a diamond
    • regenerates fastest when standing still, regenerates slower when walking, does not regenerate when sprinting
    • there is a 2 second delay from when you last sprinted to when you start regenerating stamina
    Experience is …
    • points gained toward increasing your combat or profession class levels (depending on the source of Exp)
    Indicated by
    • your combat class level which appears as the number in the center of your status bar when you log on
    • your crafter class level, which you can view on your status bar with /level toggle or /lvl toggle
    • /hero verbose exp to toggle exp gain/loss reports on and off
    • these lists on the Leveling page [FIND LINK]
    Increased by
    • successful PvP, slaying mobs, and quests (when these are active) for the combat classes
    • certain activities for the profession classes including mining, logging, Farming, fishing, and some crafting activities (see class pages for details)
    • Finding harder mobs to fight.
    Reduced by
    • death by PvP and mobs, which causes the user to lose a portion of their exp. It is possible to lose levels through this mechanic.
    Varied by
    • exp boosts which are occasionally bought by server donators!
    • Mob tiers in the mob arenas.
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