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  • Chat Commands

    HeroChat is a plugin developed by the Herocraft coding team.

    • Chatting with individual players
    • Ignoring chat from certain players
    • Linking items in chat
    • Using chat channels
    • Public chat channels
    • Administering private chat channels

    Chatting with individual players

    /tell [player name] [message], /msg [player name] [message] or /pm [player name] [message]
    Sends a private message to the named player. Name can be abbreviated, but beware whether there are other players in game with the same first few letters because the message could end up going to them.

    /r [message]
    Responds to player who most recently sent a private message to you with /tell etc (above). DOES NOT WORK with conversations started with @[player name] (below).

    @[player name]
    Sends all following text as a private conversation to the named player. Name can be abbreviated, but check the "Now chatting with..." message that you're chatting with the right player. Cancel by setting a chat channel.

    Ignoring chat from certain players

    /gignore [player name]
    All messages from the named player, including private messages. Toggles on and off, so same command is used to unignore the named player.

    /ch ignore [player name] or /ignore [player name]
    Future messages in public channels from the named player will not be displayed. Toggles on and off, as above.

    Lists the players you are ignoring.

    Linking items in chat

    Immediately enters the currently-held item into the focused chat channel. Other players can mouse-over the item link to see its description. If you wish, you may also specify a certain player name after the command to show it to only that player.

    Using this in any message in any channel will show the item you are currently holding to all players viewing the chat channel

    Using chat channels
    You can join and view the messages in several chat channels at the same time, but your messages will display only in the channel you selected most recently or that you are sending a quick message to. You can use either the channel name or the channel nickname.

    /ch help (page#)
    Brings up in-game help on chat commands.

    /ch [channel name] (password if required)
    Sets the named channel as your active channel. Joins you to the channel if you weren’t already.

    /ch list (page#)
    Lists visible (not hidden) chat channels, nine per page, showing the channel's nickname and name.

    /ch who (channel name)
    Lists players online in your current active channel (or named channel). The names of channel moderators are listed in green.

    /ch join [channel name] (password if required) or /join [channel name] (password if required)
    Joins you to the named channel but does not set it as your active channel. You can be in multiple channels at the same time.

    /ch qm [channel name] [message] or /[channel name] [message]
    Quick message a channel without leaving your current channel.

    /ch leave [channel name] or /leave [channel name]
    Removes you from the named channel.

    Public chat channels

    /ch tour
    Tour chat. Used by new players, Guides, and other established players who enjoy helping new players out.

    /ch o
    Out of Character chat. Considered a general global chat channel, for chat that doesn't fit into the more specific channels.

    /ch h
    HelpMe chat. Used for asking questions about how things work on the server. Not for general conversation.

    /ch t
    Trade chat. Used when players are offering to sell or looking to buy blocks, items and services. Governed by particular rules and often used to confirm deals made in other places, such as in a private channel. Again, not for general conversation.

    /ch re
    Recruitment chat. Used for recruiting to towns both by recruiters advertising and players asking for towns to join.

    /ch l
    Local chat. Used to talk to everyone within a small radius of your character. Not a global channel, but still a public channel.

    /ch sh
    Shout chat. Used to talk to everyone within a larger radius of your character. Not a global channel, but still a public channel.

    /ch elite or /ch g (yes, it is actually a "g"...)
    Elite chat. A general chat channel accessible by server supporters.

    /ch rp
    Roleplay chat (in character)

    /ch lfg
    Looking For Group chat. This is where you find members asking for a group to go on excursions/Dungeons with, or just asking for a small group of people to be with for security/leisurely reasons.

    /ch ao
    Combat arena results/chat. Requires specific permission.

    Administering private chat channels
    Tier 4 and higher level supporters may petition Staff for a personal in-game chat channel.
    Additionally Chat channels may be purchased from the Store.

    /pe create
    Say that you'd like a supporter chat channel and what you want the channel full name and nickname (abbreviation for easy use) to be.

    All the following commands can only be used by the Channel Owner and Channel Mods for a particular channel, and that player can only be set by a server Mod+.

    /ch create [channel name] (nickname)
    Creates a channel with a name and optional abbreviated nickname.

    /ch set [channel name] [property] [property value]
    Properties include: nickname, password, color, shortcut (creates a channel command shortcut) and distance (sets chat range; 0 is global, anything else is local), ex (?) and verbose (?). Also –h (hidden) and –j (shows when other players join the channel).
    • check for available colors with /title color
    /ch mod [channel name] [player name]
    Grants moderator powers within a channel to the named player. (The names of Channel Mods are indicated in green when the command /ch who is given.)

    /ch mute [channel name] [player name] or /mute [channel name] [player name]
    Prevents a player from talking in the named channel.

    /ch kick [channel name] [player name]
    Kicks a player from the named channel.

    /ch kick [player name]
    Kicks a player from your current active channel.

    /ch ban [channel name] [player name]
    Bans a player from the named channel. This is a toggle, do the same command to un-ban a player from the named channel.

    /ch ban [player name]
    Bans a player from your current active channel. This is a toggle, do the same command to un-ban a player from the named channel.

    /ch remove [channel name]
    Deletes the named channel.
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