Reborn Classes

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  • The Classes of Heroes Reborn are listed below, click on each one for more information.​

    Arcanist - Magical Damage Dealer - Master of the Arcane Arts, calling about their knowledge of the craft to deal massive damage to foes.

    Bard - Support Class - Bring hope and courage to nearby allies. Heal teammates, speed up the group, energize casters, and provide other beneficial support songs. Discourage the enemy with fearful songs.

    Bloodmage - Information to be added soon.

    ChainWarden - Physical Damage Dealer - Controller of chains, using them to dominate the battlefield, pulling foes into his grasp and using his allies to boost himself into the fray.

    Chronomancer - Magical Hybrid Support - Time works in many ways. Rewind it and undo anything done to your allies, while speeding it up to damage their foes.

    Disciple - Physical Hybrid Support - Lee Sin

    Dragoon - Physical Damage Dealer - The Agile warrior of the battlefield, jump in and out of the battle with ease!

    Druid - Magical Support - Nature always finds a way to restore itself, Druids use it to protect their allies and damage their foes.

    Enderbeast - Physical Tank - Not Dragon and Not Man, Enderbeasts are a fearsome foe on the battlefield disrupting their foes and taunting them into attacking.

    Hellspawn - Physical/Magical Hybrid Damage Dealer - The Anti-Healer. Hellspawn rot everything in their path of destruction, your foes cant regenerate if they're decaying.

    Necromancer - Magical Damage Dealer - The lord of the dead. Summon the dead to do your bidding! What more could you want?

    Ninja - Agile Physical Damage Dealer - Not to be confused with a Pirate. Ninjas are the sneaky ones, stealing your gold while you sleep.

    Pathfinder - Ranged Physical Damage Dealer - Hanzo.

    Pyromancer - Magical/Physical Hybrid Damage Dealer - Fire. Fire Everywhere.
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