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  • Discord

    Heroes Reborn hosts a Discord server which allows users to communicate over VoIP rather than text if they so choose.

    Discord Instant Invite

    You can join the Heroes Reborn Discord in one of two ways:

    1. Click on the Discord tab above at these forums and follow the prompts.

    2. When you log into the Heroes Reborn game, click on the link provided in the welcome message.

    3. If you're already in Discord, click on the + (low on the left panel) and paste in this Instant Invite link: http://discord.gg/yDSTZ3M

    See you at Discord soon!


    Your identity must be clearly identifiable in your Discord server nickname, which can be the same as your IGN or very similar to your IGN.

    Behavior on Discord is governed by the general Heroes Reborn Rules. It is assumed people will have the common sense required to behave in an appropriate manner.
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