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  • Money / Currency

    The coin is the currency unit for Heroes Reborn.

    Coins are used for:
    • buying LWC locking protections for chests, doors, etc.,
    • paying to change class,
    • buying and paying rent on towns,
    • buying redstone from the server shops at graveyards if you don't feel like walking home, and
    • trading with other players - in Trade Chat, at player chest shops, or on the Global Market.
    Obtaining coins
    • Soul shards and soul fragments (special items - see table below) are dropped at various rates while mining ores, harvesting wheat, and killing mobs.
    • Mining ores is the most reliable way to make money. When mining ores you also gain exp to level Crafter or most Professions and you gain materials for building and making gear. Ores drop currency items at different rates:
    MinorCoal, Redstone, Iron, Quartz Ore
    LessorLapis Lazuli, Gold, Emerald

    Monsters also drop currency items (at a lesser rate than mining) and relics, and are the best way to gain exp to level combat classes.
    • Players can sell items or the services of their Profession to other players.
    • Coins are awarded for voting for Heroes Reborn. [That is 4 votes a day for 40c and 400 exp for your profession class and combat class (If you're lucky you might get more!) - check]
    Selling gold at the Exchange

    You can turn currency items into money by selling to the server shops at the Exchange. Access the Exchange via the portal in the north-east corner of spawn, or directly at 75, -75 on the same level as spawn.

    To sell at a shop, left click the chest.
    • The appropriate number and type of item will be extracted from your inventory when you click an option, and you will be paid coins into your personal bank.
    • You can check your balance with /money.

    Display your current coins balance.

    /money pay [player name] [number of coins]
    Sends specified number of coins to the named player.

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    The following commands are NOT currently available ingame:

    /money balance [player name] or /who [player name]
    Displays the chosen players balance.

    /money top
    Lists the names and balances of the top 10 richest players.

    /money top coin [page number]
    Lists subsequent pages of /money top.
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