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  • What Are Professions?

    Professions in Heroes Reborn are a secondary class that you can select along with your main class. They have skills, but are not combat-oriented. Some professions include Alchemy, Enchanting, Smithing, Farming, and Engineering.

    To choose your profession, use /hero choose (profession name).

    Crafting - Everyone has to start somewhere!

    Crafting is the default profession in Heroes Reborn, given to players before they choose a profession. A player that just joined the server will have this profession before selecting one.

    Alchemy - Making Magical Items and Potions
    • 1 - TransmuteOre - Transmute 64 Iron Ore from your main hand into 1 Gold Ore. Similarly 5 Coal into 1 Iron Ore and 16 Lapis Blocks into 1 Diamond.
    • 20 - Cauldron (Passive) - You are able to use Cauldrons to craft items that are difficult to obtain normally. Find Cauldron Recipes here.
    • 30 - NoviceAlchemist (Passive) - You are able to place cauldrons and brewing stands.
    • 40 - Alchemy (Passive) - You are able to craft potions. (Every potion except for Speed and Healing are disabled.)
    • 50 - Potion (Passive) - You can use potions. (Note: Everyone can use healing and speed potions. This ability allows you to use Splash Healing potions.)
    Alchemists are very important in towns, as they supply members with speed and healing potions to provide an edge in pvp. They can also craft necessary materials for town upgrades with the cauldron.

    Alchemists gain XP from many sources, such as breaking blocks, mining, certain crafts, and potion making. You don't get XP from making cauldron recipes. The best way to get Alchemist XP is to generally go about playing the server, such as building and/or excavating your town, chopping down trees, or crafting potions for your town mates.

    Enchanting - Empowering Items and Runestones
    • 10 - Enchant - You are able to enchant items. Enchanting items takes XP from this profession. Requires 3 Lapis.
    • 20 - Minor Runestone - Turn a Redstone Block into a Minor Runestone with 2 uses. Takes 5 diamonds.
    • 25 - Major Runestone - Turn a Redstone Block into a Major Runestone with 8 uses. Takes a Nether Star.
    • 30 - NoviceEnchanter (Passive) - Able to craft Tier 1 Gold Equipment. Tier 1 Equipment is better armor/weapons crafted with materials you get from your town harvester.
    • 35 - Disenchant - You are able to disenchant items, removing the enchants and returning the item to normal. Requires 1 Glowstone.
    • 40 - ImbueRunestone - Add a note to your runestone. When hovered over, this note will show under the amount of uses remaining.
    • 45 - GiganticRunestone - Turn a Redstone Block into a Gigantic Runestone with 15 uses. Takes 1 End Portal Block.
    • 49 - RechargeRunestone - Recharge your held Runestone to refill its uses. Takes 5 Ender Eyes.
    • 49 - ArtisanEnchanter (Passive) - You now can place beacons and can craft Tier 2 Gold Equipment.
    Runestones are magic items made by the Runestone skills. When you use the skill with a redstone block in hand, it turns into a Runestone marked with the coordinates you are standing at. You can then use /skill recall while holding the Runestone to return to the marked coordinates.

    Enchanting skills take reagents. When you use the skill, the item required for the skill is consumed from your inventory. Nether Stars and End Portal Blocks for Runestones can be bought at the Exchange.

    The best way to level enchanter is to go mining or caving. Mining ores give XP. Enchanting takes XP from your profession, so it is possible to level down from 50 to 49 in this profession. However the experience levels taken isn't the same as the profession's level.

    Engineering - Building Redstone Contraptions

    Complicated see info here.
    Engineering gains experience from both mining and woodcutting.

    Farming - Breeding, Farming, and Gathering
    • Breed
    • Woodcutting
    • SummonChicken
    • Fishing
    • SummonPig
    • NoviceFarmer
    • SummonSheep
    • Forage
    • SummonCow
    • SummonSquid
    • ArtisanFarmer
    • SummonMooshroom
    The undeniable best way to level farmer is with a sugarcane farm. Sugarcane gives the most farming experience of any crop, grows back fast, and breaks in one hit, making it easy. If you don't have the resources needed for a big sugarcane farm, another good way to level is making a few pairs of shears and then cutting down leaves in forests.

    Smithing - Creating Special Weaponry & Armor
    • Forage
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