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    /food Or something similar for new players

    yeah maybe a /starter kit that can only be used once.
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    New server who dis?

    Sup Glacial, This is Heroes Reborn. It's a new sibling server to HC which will be PvP focused and driven by the community. More info can be found on this thread:
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    Enderbeast skill bug - Transform

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    Connect tonight with

    Connect tonight with
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    Read Before Reporting a Bug

    Before reporting any bugs/issues you see - PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING! Be specific. Be verbose. Give specific times, if possible Be careful of pronouns. Read what you wrote.
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    Suggestion - Heroes Wiki

    Coming Soon. @Rumblestikk is in charge of the wiki if I'm not mistaken.
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    Forum Rules

    Forum Rules Respect all staff. Respect everyone on the forums. (Do not be rude, disrespectful, malicious or any other form of related activity). Profanity is allowed, but please control yourself. Excessive use is unnecessary. No racism allowed. (This includes all variants of the derogatory...
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    Combat Beta - 4/26 - 6 PM CST

    I'm not at the helm haha - I'm just a forum administrator currently as I helped setup the site. Kainzo is still around as the Founder, and honestly the others have done far more than me in terms of actual gameplay content - I came into this late. I've worked on things like the site, logo, map...
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    Combat Beta - 4/26 - 6 PM CST

    Attention Heroes, We will be preforming a Beta combat test this Friday at 6 PM CST. This test is to showcase our classes and combat for the new server that will feature classic Herocraft styles and immersion. We will be gathering feedback on these classes in the forums under the Balance...
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    Doing well!
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    pls tell me this is a joke
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    Welcome to Heroes Reborn

    I fixed it
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    Welcome to Heroes Reborn

    Hello! The forums will be a bit wonky for a day or two until everything gets finalized. If you have found the site early, just hang tight with us. - more information regarding Heroes Reborn will be released very soon.
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