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    Irish's Week One Balance Megathread

    Would be nice if seize flames gave a small fire resit and speed boost so accidently setting townies isn't aids when chasing people.
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    Join the Freepers

    Goals: -Target everyone -Dominate the PVP frontier Rules: -Wear the skin -Follow your orders -Kill any and everyone -Personal alliances or friendships mean nothing when we PVP or raid -No trash-talking in public channels -No hacking -No combat logging
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    Beta Feedback Megathread

    Thank you for the feedback this is probably a mythic mob config thing. I'll look into this. I agree with the second point. I believe higher tiered weapons have a better durability. But delf knows more about that. For the second point, it will be looked into. /town cost should tell you the...
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    Beta Feedback Megathread

    Added feathers. Reply if any other regents are missing
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    Beta Feedback Megathread

    Couch is regenerating the map and should be fixed for launch
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    Beta Feedback Megathread

    You can be both a combat class and a profession. So there should be a mix of both skills
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