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  1. dragonzero39

    Scripting Team Application Format

    Please note - you must be 15+ to hold a staff position, unless otherwise noted. === Scripting Team Application === Job Description: We are looking for users that would like to work on scripting plugins for Heroes Reborn, as well as edit and tailor plugins to conform with what we have in mind...
  2. dragonzero39

    Best old photos.

    Let's see that screenshot collection from the old days, keep it clean. /skill rewind
  3. dragonzero39

    Staff Position In Game Bonuses.

    Let's be honest. Heroes Reborn wouldn't be able to run without the staff members who take the time to look after the community, and take care of the issues that occur during day to day play. The following outline bonuses that players will receive when set into certain staff roles. These are...
  4. dragonzero39


    Friday - 7PM CST In Game Event Will include PVE, PVP, Limited micro decoration blocks, Unique titles. Saturday - 3PM CST Community Meeting To talk about the way forward for Reborn, and hear your thoughts on the ideas for content and what you all enjoy or would like to see improved.
  5. dragonzero39

    Architect Applications.

    === Architect Application === Job Description: The elite builders of the server, they the ones with the insight to ensure projects are completed with the high level of creativity that rivals the Pantheon itself! Feel free to apply for our Creative server and build examples there! (Please copy...
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