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  1. D @ detarbilate:
  2. B @ Bomba:
    What's the discord? The one below is expired ig
  3. D @ detarbilate:
    Yes and it will be ready very soon
  4. B @ Bomba:
    Fr. Log in to my old ass email account and find out my childhood isn't dead yet
  5. B @ Brady3211:
    Whoa this exists.
  6. D @ detarbilate:
    @danitico10 We plan to announce when the next open beta will be and the final release date soon. Just wait just a bit longer :)
  7. D @ danitico10:
    How do I start playing the beta?
  8. NuclearCouch @ NuclearCouch:
    sup mane welcome.
  9. S @ Shadownight81:
  10. jrr5556 @ jrr5556:
    We currently don't have a list of classes on the web. We have another beta open very soon, so jump on and have a look!
  11. L @ LibraryCard:
    does anyone know where to find a list of the classes
  12. NuclearCouch @ NuclearCouch:
    Why ask then if you already knew ;)
  13. E @ Epic_samurai:
    couldn't tell
  14. NuclearCouch @ NuclearCouch:
    Yeah I need to update that. The rules were copy pasted from HC
  15. E @ Epic_samurai:
    I was talking about the link in the rules but that works too i guess
  16. P @ Plum:
    ahh I see, herocraftonline is not running
  17. P @ Plum:
    @Epic_samurai got removed from herocraft? its herocraftonline or something now
  18. E @ Epic_samurai: isn't working
  19. Irishman81 @ Irishman81:
    Make sure to put any feedback from classes on the threads
  20. D @ detarbilate:
    Hi look_out how have you fucking been?
  21. L @ LookOut:
  22. NuclearCouch @ NuclearCouch:
    For those of you who'd would like to use a non technic modpack the link has been posted under announcements.
  23. NuclearCouch @ NuclearCouch:
    Can't wait to duel some of you nubs tonight, heroes pvp is feeling better than ever...
  24. NuclearCouch @ NuclearCouch:
    Connect tonight with
  25. NuclearCouch @ NuclearCouch:
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