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  1. Kainzo @ Kainzo:
    Site is back online!
  2. Enrix @ Enrix:
    Oh nevermind, it's just a different IP
  3. Enrix @ Enrix:
    Greetings! What is the difference between this Server and Herocraft?
  4. M @ Merikku:
    Is there a texture pack for heroes?
  5. L @ Look_Out:
    Need my guide status on fourms :)
  6. dragonzero39 @ dragonzero39:
  7. M @ Merikku:
    NVM figured it our
  8. M @ Merikku:
    Is there something I have to do to get into Heroes Reborn? It keeps saying server outdated
  9. Kainzo @ Kainzo:
    As a successful first week of the server - we're kicking off a +50% XP weekend! Login and play to get more exp, stacks with serverwide boosts! (
  10. TimForReal @ TimForReal:
    Restart I think.
  11. MeLlamoPeter @ MeLlamoPeter:
  12. TimForReal @ TimForReal:
  13. werwew19 @ werwew19:
    that's a valid suggestion i agree completely with that
  14. PewPewPewLasers @ PewPewPewLasers:
    people are laaaaaaaaaazy af
  15. PewPewPewLasers @ PewPewPewLasers:
    the ip should probably be beside the logo imo, somewhere obvious because if people cant find it they just wont play
  16. xDarkSecrett @ xDarkSecrett:
  17. Irishman81 @ Irishman81:
  18. P @ potpete:
    is the IP for the server posted here?
  19. Kainzo @ Kainzo:
    We're a bit behind on updating the community side of perks, thanks for being patient :D
  20. D @ Delta:
    Need donor group on here pelase
  21. D @ Delta:
    Thanks Kain T5 now =)
  22. jrr5556 @ jrr5556:
    think so
  23. Irishman81 @ Irishman81:
    Is discord down?
  24. Kainzo @ Kainzo:
    SHOP >>>
  25. D @ Delta:
    Still no shop? hows one suppose to donate?
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