A brief record of my journey to the land of the gods.


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I'm sure you've heard the legends. The old tales of the land of the gods, where the gods experiment, molding this land into many shapes, and many blocks. Debating what to add to the overworld and what to remove. What if I told you I've been there? Would you believe me? Would you call me crazy? Hahah maybe I am crazy, but I tell you this, I believe what I saw.

It started near nightfall. I was a simple Arcanist honing his skills in the depths of the dungeon known as the keep. With me was a hotshot Pyromancer named JupiterRome, and the brave Chainwarden named BardMaineHere. We entered the dungeon expecting to get in and then out as soon as it got dangerous, for we had done this many times before. But it was as if the monsters waited, waited for use to wear down our blades, strain our muscles, and shed some blood before beginning their true attack. Small but fast creatures began running use down. They bit and bruised and quickly overran us. I lost sight of my party, and remember getting climbed on by these small horrors. I couldn't feel anything, for I was in such shock at the situation. But then, suddenly, I felt all strain and pain leave my body. The monsters looked on in confusion as I continued to fight, however I was still as weak as I previously was. It didn't take long until I was in the same situation I was before this miracle. And as I thought I had wasted this divine gift of a second life, I fell unconscious.

What I awoke to could be described as heaven, or hell. A flat land as far as the eye can see with a path of some dark stone-like block. Upon further examination of the land I noticed various structures sticking out of the ground. Massive buildings haphazardly jetting out of the ground. What could this be other than the land of the gods? Why was I here? As I was thinking that, my comrade JupiterRome teleported me to him, for he was a good enough Arcanist to use the skill GroupTeleport. JupiterRome was surprised I was still in one piece after being in keep for so long. I told him that I wasn't in keep and he seemed confused. I didn't waste time explaining it to him, for I must hurry and record this miracle while I still have the memory.

I will likely never know what truly happened on that day. But I can only say one thing. ALL HAIL LORD KAINZO.


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