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So let me preface this with Enderbeast is the class I play and as of right now afaik I'm still the only mastered one of the server. This post and my opinions are all subject to debate. However I feel like this is a way different class than what it was in testing/beta and the changes strayed the class away from the initial designing and intentions. Please note that this wont be a post where I argue specific number changes this will be a post where I personally am identifying issues with playing the class.

Due to the series of nerfs and tuning it went into I've noticed that transforming is almost never worth it in nearly every scenario except popping in for a split second to use Hero's call which isn't always feasible to spend the warmup/slow to get into form especially if you're trying to chase.

I've done a numerous amount group fights, 1v1's, 2v2's etc. on live as well as ganking and I'll start off by saying having the 10 hps without form is much much better than going into form to get the empowered versions of the abilities.

So, lets break down how the abilities behave in transform and talk about why it isn't worth it. The change to empowered enderbreath to affect the Enderbeast as well killed the entire reason to transform. In almost every scenario especially with healers not being as prevalent on Reborn I would much rather sit in human form and use enderbreath offensively thrown at whoever I'm swinging at to maximize any sort of damage output. Using it as a CC to keep targets out of a fight for a few seconds while that may be the intention for the ability, for it to achieve being primarily a CC ability it would have to require design tweaks and make it a harder CC similar to how polymorph would behave in WoW and keep them locked into the breath for a few seconds. But it's fairly easy to get out of Breath and with the amount of mobility in this game this time around it just doesn't feel good using Empowered Breath especially if you end up getting caught into your own breath forcing you to lunging bite out if it's off CD.

The grab for Hero's call isn't aggressive enough and makes normal hero's call just as viable or very close to on par with each other.

Lunging bite is extremely hard to pull off an effective one unless you're in a scenario to flank properly and personally I think the travel distance on lunging bite is extremely low or it's on too high of a cooldown because it's hard to effectively chase people and get the taunt off to grab the players running back into action.

Also maybe its just everyone likes to target werwew again during pvp but wearing full diamond with 1300 health I do not feel tanky at all.
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