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Please use this thread for feedback related to the Enderbeast Class.

Please remember to be specific and descriptive!

Good Feedback - "Skill X could benefit from a damage adjustment because the damage feels really low."

Bad Feedback - "This class is weak and dumb"
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Overall, I think this class plays VERY well. The abilities are fun and interesting, and the class identity is unique. I also believe this class currently suffers from a bit of a split personality disorder though. Numbers have been tweaked, so it is not as bad, but I think the class still does not play as much as a tank as it should. The damage has been brought down significantly, which was certainly needed, but I still don't feel like I'm playing a tank. It's a bulky class for sure, but it still dies way too quickly for it to be a true tank. Maybe giving hardened scales a lower cool down or higher mitigation would help, as right now the slow it induces makes it a HEAVY gamble against caster classes. Also, I think that being in human form should have its own upsides, like having human form deal more damage while the enderbeast transformation results in you being much tankier. It's just a thought though.


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Yeah I liked the idea of crystal doing some minor sustain if you weren't transformed. I might take it a bit further but we'll see. Lots to do. The crystal thing is a pretty easy fix that should help things a little. I can also reduce the slow on HardenScales.
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