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  1. Minecraft IGN: Zethial
  2. Position applying for: Guide
  3. Age|Timezone: 22 Central Time
  4. How long have you been on Heroes Reborn?: Rather short, unfortunately, but a few weeks to a month so far and many more to come!
  5. Why do you think you would make a good guide?: I have been playing Minecraft for a long time now, I've lost quite a few accounts over the years doing so in fact, but around 2013-2015 I worked with a server and worked my way to co-owning it, so I know what it takes to helping people and being friendly no matter what, I may only be new to the server but I can assure you I am willing to grow and learn all that I can in order to help those who join us.
  6. Additional info you would like to tell us?: I don't have much else to say, I do go to college so if I ever seem busy or AFK too long it's probably the math homework at that point. I am a super friendly person, I do not like to fight and will try to resolve with talking if possible, or just walk away honestly. 100% my school and job will have to come first before this, gaming is something I do for fun so if I'm not online I will most definitely be working.
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