Mischevity's Balance App


New member
1. Minecraft IGN / Age: Mischevity |19
2. Position applying for: Balance Team Implementer
3. How long have you been on Heroes Reborn?: Been around for a few years, been on reborn since close to the start
4. What's your favorite class?: Disciple or druid, but necromancer was my first class and will always hold at least 3rd place.
5. How often and in what timezone can you test?: At least once every other day.
6. What sets you apart from other members applying for this team?: My years of experience using classes and PvPing with them.
7. Do you have any similar experience?: No.
8. Do you understand this team is for balancing current skills only?: Yes.

9. Can you follow directions, no matter what they ask?: As long as it's server related.
10: Are you able to attend meetings given 24h or more notice in advance? (Realistically, these meetings will occur between 6pm-9pm CST. There might be case by case exceptions.) Yes, I will notify if not.
11. Additional info you would like to tell us?:
I am mainly applying so that I can nerf necro as much as anyone will let me.
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