Necromancer BETA Feedback


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Please use this thread for feedback related to the Necromancer Class.

Please remember to be specific and descriptive!

Good Feedback - "Skill X could benefit from a damage adjustment because the damage feels really low."

Bad Feedback - "This class is weak and dumb"


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Necromancer's skeleton knight is way too aggressive. It attacks anyone in its aggro range
Hey LogiSyn, thanks for the post, but I'm not entirely sure I understand your meaning.

The skeleton needs to be aggressive or it will not be a useful tool for the Necromancer. They do not have very many high damaging abilities, and so the skeleton acts as a large portion of their damage output. Due to this, I have the knight seeking out nearby targets to ensure his damage is reliable.

If you are speaking about the fact that the knight can sometimes target invisible or stealthed players, that has been addressed. He (and any other minions) should now have "appropriate" responses to these types of situations.
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