NoPantsColin's Mod App


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1. Minecraft IGN: NoPantsColin
2. Position applying for: Moderator
3. Age/Timezone: 16, EST
4. How long have I been on Heroes Reborn?: ~3 Days
5. Why I think I would make a good mod?: Although I only started playing a few days ago, I really care about the work I have been putting into this server. I have had a lot of fun and wish to see this community grow and prosper. I have enjoyed the people I have met so far and wish to meet new people. I am very friendly with most everyone, and I get along nicely with people. When making decisions, I like to look for a neutral approach in which both parties prosper. I am very big into following a "sense of justice" and I believe this attitude could help when settling decisions or arguments. I plan to be active for a long time into the future, and the only thing taking up time in my schedule is school.
6. Prior Experience?: Very little/none
7. Additional Info?: I understand if you do not want to make new mods as the server has not been very active lately. Thank you for looking at my application :)
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