Quests / Leveling


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I don't have much experience in deving servers by any means not a professional at any of this so just some thoughts but here we go.

I believe if a questing system was implemented such as killing certain mobs or reaching certain points in Sewers or Dungeons for Exp / Gear rewards would be a great way to make grinding less tedious. Would probably make new players want to stick around if they had an objective to do other than grinding however I know quests may not be the easiest thing to implement so just a thought.
Another great addition I think would be to maybe even make skills every 5 levels rather than every 10, just due to the fact it kind of seems like youre doing the same 2-3 spells for hours and some of the abilities you get you can't even apply till you get other spells. Such as Enderbeast getting transform at 10 but you don't benefit from transform till level 20, I understand it's meant to be a grind but id like to atleast have something new more often perhaps even PVE only spells so it wouldn't create an imbalance in PvP. anyway just some thoughts the server is great otherwise.
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