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    Cowpowah replied to the thread Whats up?.
    ... Yikes
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    plagiarizing posted the thread Whats up? in General.
    How's everybody been what's been going on with everybody not seeing too much activity no more lets get heroes reborn poppin guys!
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    Wafflekai posted the thread Sharing an IP address in General.
    Me and a Friend I room with are trying to play on this server, his username is tyler_eto mine is wafflekai. I can log in just fine, but...
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    lennerttt posted the thread DS4Windows in Off Topic.
    If you want to use DS4 with PC, then it is possible with DS4Windows. The PS4 controller allows us to link it to any Bluetooth device...
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    Let us see how to set up Windows using Etcher. During this installation, you will eventually need to enter the license key for the...
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